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¿Cómo es la comida chilena?

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In case you have not discovered it by now, we like talking about food here on the Spanish blog site. (What is Chilean food?).

An Intro to Chilean Cuisine

There are 3 unique regions when it comes to Chilean cuisine: Gastronomía del Norte, Gastronomía del Centro, y Gastronomía del Sur. Because of the long coast, seafood is really prominent in the Chilean diet plan. This includes la albacora, el atún, el bacalao, la corvina, la merluza, el mero, la palometa, y el pulpo (albacore, tuna, cod, croaker, hake, pomfret, octopus, and grouper).

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La comida chilena es una mezcla entre la tradición indígena y el aporte colonial español (Chilean food is a mix between native custom and Spanish colonial contribution). Some normal food products of the indigenous consisted of papas, choclo, frijoles y mariscos (potatoes, maiz, beans, and seafood). The Spaniards brought with them things like trigo, cerdo, carne de vaca y vino (wheat, pork, beef, and white wine).

There are other European influences in Chilean cuisine, notably from Germany, France, and Italy, along with some subtle Middle Eastern effects also. The resulting mixture is understood as cocina criolla chilena (Chilean Creole food).

A seafood market in Santiago

Chile is a nation with fantastic ecological and geographic variety. Es un país con montañas, desiertos y una larga costa (Its a country with mountains, deserts, and a long coastline). Some other typical crops in Chile include la aceituna, la lúcuma, la quinua, y la palta (olive, lucuma, avocado, and qinuoa).

Typical Chilean Dishes

Maybe the ultimate Chilean meal is the empanada. The most common varieties include empanadas de queso (cheese empanadas), empanadas de mariscos (seafood empanadas), and empanadas de pino (empanadas with beef). Pino is really a mixture of beef, onions, raisins, black olives, and hard-boiled eggs. It’s scrumptious and it’s got me fantasizing about eating them today!

Las empanadas boy muy ricas!

You can get empanadas de horno (baked) or empanadas fritas (fried). After having lots of fried empanadas in Colombia, we actually delighted in the baked version in Chile. You dont feel as guilty about eating them when you don’t wind up with a puddle of grease on your plate.

In addition to empanadas, you’ll also find humitas all over the nation. These are essentially the like tamales up in Mexico. In Chile they’re made with corn, fresh basil, onion, and butter or lard. Another popular meal is the pastel de choclo, a sweet and savory meal that’s basically a Chilean version of Shepherds Pie. It typically has the very same pino filling that’s utilized in empanadas.

Una cazuela de ave

Another really common dish in Chile is la cazuela (stew). La cazuela chilena es elaborado con una presa de carne de vacuno, de pollo, de pavo, de ganso o de gallina de campo, más verduras variadas: zapallo, choclo, y papa (The Chilean casserole is made with a victim of beef, chicken, turkey, goose or free-range hen, plus a range of vegetables: corn, pumpkin, and potato).

Can you see the sausage in the sea of mayo?

Overall, we rather enjoyed the food in Chile. I d like to hear your ideas on Chilean food.

Chilean Piscolas and food

Think it or not, one of the most common modern-day dishes of Chile is really a hot canine. Well, here its called a completo. El completo es una salchicha con chucrut, mayonesa, palta, tomate picado y salsa americana (The completo is a sausage with sauerkraut, mayonnaise, avocado, chopped tomato, and American sauce). If you’re questioning what “salsa Americana is,” its a mix of sliced pickles, marinaded onions, and marinated carrots. Im cautioning you ahead of time that they are extremely, really generous with the mayo. When eating a completo, anticipate making a huge mess!

A beverage called “the earthquake.”

To clean down this ridiculous plate of food, you can buy a drink called el Terremoto (the Earthquake). Its made with Vino Pipeño, helado de piña y granadina (Pipeño white wine, pineapple ice cream, and grenadine). We ordered up this ridiculous combination on New Years Day after taking part in the city’s legendary New Year’s Eve party the night prior to.

If you’re in Valparaíso, youve got to try the chorillana. Es un plato de papas fritas a las que se le colocan cebollas fritas, longaniza, trozos de carne de res y huevos fritos (It is a plate of french fries to which fried onions, sausage, pieces of beef, and fried eggs are placed). Its an extreme plate of food that’s finest shown by good friends at a bar, or the day after as you recover from a vicious cruda (hangover).

Do not fret– there’s plenty of delicious and fairly priced red wine in Chile if that cocktail sounds like a bit too much for you. If you go to Chile, I highly recommend going to a vineyard or 2. There’s constantly Pisco! The Piscola is most likely the preferred mixed drink of Chileans. I’ll leave the debate about whether Chile or Peru has the much better Pisco for another post, though …

There’s a truly amusing brief TELEVISION series called “Gringolandia” about a Chilean person who moves to New York City with his new girlfriend. After being dissatisfied by NYCs infamous “dirty water canines,” he decides to begin his own completo cart there.

¿ Has probado la comida chilena? ¿ Te gusta o no?Have you tried Chilean food? Do you like it or not?

La comida chilena es una mezcla entre la tradición indígena y el aporte colonial español (Chilean food is a mix in between native custom and Spanish colonial contribution). Ill leave the argument about whether Chile or Peru has the much better Pisco for another post, though …

I d like to hear your thoughts on Chilean food. ¿ Te gusta o no?Have you attempted Chilean food?

Chilean Piscolas and food.

(What is Chilean food?).