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Latin America Travel Bucket List (Part One)

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One great option for reaching Machu Picchu is the Jungle Trek. You get to walk a bit of the Inca Trail on this 3-day adventure. You likewise get to do some ciclismo de montaña cuesta abajo (downhill mountain biking) and soak in aguas termales (hot springs) on this trek. Oh and there are ziplines too. ¡ Las tirolesas child muy divertidas! (The ziplines are extremely fun!).

Machu Picchu es una de las Nuevas Siete Maravillas del Mundo Moderno (Machu Picchu is among the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World). Its perhaps the most popular place to take a trip to in all of Latin America. This is one of those places that appears to be on everyones travel container list, and for great factor!

Hay muchas opciones para caminar a Machu Picchu, incluido el Camino Inca (There are numerous alternatives for treking to Machu Picchu, consisting of the Inca Trail). If youre dead set on hiking the Inca Trail, make certain to schedule it well ahead of time. They limit the quantity of people who can be on the path at any offered time and its likewise closed down for the entire month of February.

However you get to Machu Picchu, one things for sure– it will be a memorable experience! Looking upon this ancient city of the Incas will most certainly take your breath away, although the elevation probably has something to do with that as well …

¿ Tienes una lista de deseos? (Do you have a pail list?). If youre not familiar with a “pail list,” its a list of things you wish to do before you “kick the bucket.” Thats an English idiom and euphemism significance “to pass away.” The Spanish expression for “pail list” is a bit more actual, as lista de deseos indicates “wish list.” Whatever you call it, you desire to respond to the concern ” ¿ Qué quieres hacer antes de morir?” (What do you want to do before you pass away?). Im here to assist you, at least with the travel part of your container list! I assemble a Latin America travel bucket list for you so you can start dreaming about crossing some of these places off your list. In Part One, well head to Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.
Caminata a Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu es un lugar increíble.

El Salar de Uyuni

El salar de Uyuni es el mayor desierto de sal del mundo (The Salar de Uyuni is the biggest salt desert in the world). Due to its vastness and the reality that its completely flat, it seems to go on forever.

Something to be conscious of on this trip is that you might get mal de altura (acute mountain sickness). The best local treatment for this is a little las hojas de coca (coca leaves), which you can chew or make a cup of tea with.

Dawn at the Salt Flats.

You certainly require to put in some work to cross this one off your pail list as theres no easy method to arrive. My individual suggestion goes to the 3-day trip that begins in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. Along the method you stop to admire lakes, deserts, mountains, and thousands of flamingoes. ¡ Es un viaje fantástico! (Its a great trip!).

Another location that needs to be on your Latin America travel container list is the Salt Flats of Bolivia, known as el Salar de Uyuni. This otherworldly landscape appears like something straight out of a sci-fi film!

See what the 3-day trip to the Salt Flats of Bolivia looks like in this video.

Las Islas Galápagos

We cant discuss a travel bucket list without discussing las Islas Galápagos (the Galapagos Islands). This island chain off the coast of Ecuador is among the most interesting places on the world. Its not a simple location to check out, however its definitely worth putting in the effort to arrive!

Aquí puedes ver mucha vida salvaje, como piqueros de patas azules, tortugas gigantes e iguanas marinas (You can see a lot of wildlife here, such as blue-footed boobies, huge tortoises, and marine iguanas). There truly is wildlife around every corner here. Its like remaining in a National Geographic magazine!

Los piqueros de patas azules

There are so numerous other incredible locations to put on a Latin America travel container list. Watch out for Part Two, where well learn more about ancient ruins in Mexico, hiking in Patagonia, and the biggest waterfall worldwide. In the meantime I have a concern I d like you to respond to …

As a matter of reality, its the unusual wildlife discovered in the Galapagos Islands that motivated Charles Darwin and la teoría de la evolución biológica por selección natural (the theory of biological evolution by natural choice). Hes still a crucial figure there, and youll see his name and similarity in many places.

Reviewing my pictures from our journey there, it feels like a dream. I still cant believe we really made it to the Galapagos Islands. Fue una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida (It was one of the finest experiences of my life). I extremely advise you make the journey there some day if you can!


¿ Qué lugares de América Latina están en tu lista de deseos?Which locations in Latin America are on your bucket list?

Im here to assist you, at least with the travel portion of your container list! I put together a Latin America travel pail list for you so you can start dreaming about crossing some of these locations off your list. We cant talk about a travel pail list without mentioning las Islas Galápagos (the Galapagos Islands). There are so numerous other remarkable locations to put on a Latin America take a trip container list. For now I have a question I d like you to address …

¿ Qué lugares de América Latina están en tu lista de deseos?Which places in Latin America are on your bucket list?