September 22, 2023

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Spanish Words of Foreign Origin: Anglicismos (Part 1)

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CEO: Director general, presidente.

DJ (as in a video jockey): Disc jockey, pinchadiscos (this noun is almost only used in Spain).

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It goes without stating that this Anglophone impact is most present on the Latin-American ranges of Spanish, as American English has a most constant presence on its continental next-door neighbors. In the case of the European ranges of Spanish, they prefer first to utilize any alternative that does not borrow directly from their British equivalents.

Brainstorming: Lluvia de concepts.

Boom: Auge, prosperidad.

E-book: Libro electrónico.

Community supervisor: Gestor de redes sociales.

Barman: Camarero.

Copyright: Derechos de autor.

Clip (as in a binder clip or a video): Clip.

Due date: Fecha límite, plazo.

If there is a group of loanwords that could be specified as the most substantial today for the Spanish language, that would be the anglicismos, or words borrowed from English.

Backup: Copia de seguridad.

CD: Disco compacto.

Estrés (from tension, as in the mental or emotional pressure): Tensión, presión.

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Banner: Pancarta (digital).

Exprés (from reveal, as in a pot, a type of coffee or a mode of transportation): (Olla) exprés, (café) expreso or (tren) expreso.

Chat: Conversación en línea o por medios digitales.

Thanks to the global spread of the culture from English-speaking countries through the media, anglicismos are the extranjerismos most frequently utilized in modern Spanish, like in sports (córner, básquetbol, running), the style market (appearance, anti-aging, lifting), the TV and movie industries (espóiler, show, thriller, casting), organization (lobby, personnel, marketing), and many other fields.

Básquet (from basketball): Baloncesto.

Espónsor (from sponsor): Patrocinador.

Boicot (from boycott): Boicot.

What follows is a general list of English loanwords embraced by Spanish speakers everywhere. On the left side, you will see the loanwords as they ought to be spelled according to the Spanish grammar or as they are most commonly written; for a few of them, I reveal you in parenthesis the English word they originate from to clarify their origins. On the ideal side after the colon, I provide you the alternative words that might be used rather, if any

Club (as in an association): Club.

Blog Site: Bitácora (digital o en línea).

Shipment: Entregar, reparto, (servicio) a domicilio.

Cásting (from casting): Audición.

Business: Negocio( s).

Best-seller: Superventas, récord de ventas.

Money: (Dinero en) efectivo.

Email: Correo electrónico.

Blíster (from blister): Blíster, envase.


Coach: Entrenador, asesor individual.

Check-in: Registro de entrada.

Star: Celebridad, famoso/a.

Check-out: Registro de salida.

Clóset (from closet): Armario.