September 22, 2023

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Spanish Words of Foreign Origin: Anglicismos (Part 2)

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Invite to the 2nd part of anglicismos in Spanish!

Any list showing English loanwords being used in Spanish will incorporate terms utilized in numerous fields of understanding, like technology, management, or perhaps daily life.

Newsletter: Boletín.

Márketing (from marketing): Mercadeo.

Feedback: Respuesta, reacción, retroalimentación.

LOL (from “laugh aloud”): “Ja, ja, ja”.

Software: Programa( s).

Screenshot: Captura de pantalla, pantallazo.

Program (as in a broadcast program or an event thought about ludicrous): Espectáculo.

Jipi (from hippie): Jipi.

Image drawn from

Nailon (from the Nylon hallmark): Nailon.

Clothing: Atuendo, vestimenta.

( Computer) Mouse: Ratón, cursor.

Online: En línea.

Selfi (from selfie): Autofoto.

Start-up (as in a company or business): Empresa emergente.

Shopping: Compra( s).

Staff (as in a group of employees): Personal.

Fan: Seguidor/a.

Feeling (as in the destination in between two people): Sensación, atracción, química.

Shorts (as in other words trousers): Pantalones cortos.

Láser (from laser): Láser.

Freelance: Autónomo/ a.

Running: Correr; carrera.

Off (as in sales): Descuento, rebaja.

Stalker: Acosador.

Bar (as in a pub): Pub.

What is necessary is to always be mindful of the fact every anglicismo have some comparable in la lengua de Cervantes, which you might use easily according to context.

Spam: Mensaje( s) no deseado( s).

Walkman: Casetera, reproductor de casetes.

Test (as in an examination or trial): Examen, prueba.

Pullover (as in clothes): Pullover.

Máster (from master as in the scholastic degree): Máster.

Hobby: Pasatiempo.

Thriller film/novel: Película/ novela de suspenso.

Look (as in someones physical look): Apariencia, estilo.

Full: Lleno/a.

Mánager (from manager): Gerente, administrador.

Eslogan (from slogan): Lema.

Suéter (from sweatshirt): Abrigo.

Sándwich (from sandwich): Sánduche, emparedado.

Wifi: Conexión inalámbrica.

Top model: Supermodelo.

Runner: Corredor.

( Web) Link: Enlace (web).


Parquin (from parking): Aparcadero, estacionamiento.

Password: Contraseña.

Fashion: A la moda, de moda (both expressions are used as adverbs).

As soon as again, you will see the loanwords on the left side of the colon as they need to be spelled following the Spanish grammar or as they are most commonly written; for some, I have added the English word they come from. On the right side, I have actually consisted of alternative words in Spanish you might change the extranjerismo with

Jáquer (from hacker): Pirata informático.

Hándicap (from handicap): Desventaja, discapacidad.

Flash (as in a burst of light or a newsflash): Flash.

Tag: Etiqueta (noun); etiquetar (verb).

Workshop: Taller


What do you consider the way Spanish speakers have obtained English words? Which loanwords are your favorites? Share with us your answers on the comments, and lets keep finding out together … ¡ Sigamos aprendiendo español juntos!