June 3, 2023

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The greatest modern music genres in Latin America

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What are the primary features of Latin American music? From its starts, it was all about the way European tunes were composed and the usage of instruments progressing from Spanish and African customs– like the Spanish guitar or the range of African percussion, just among others. Today, the many genres of Latin American music benefit from modern technology to include new sounds and increased production values, which enable it to discover more comprehensive audiences locally and abroad.

It deserves noting how varied and abundant Latin American music can be, the same variety and richness discovered throughout its enormous location in numerous other fields, like food, literature, and the very people themselves as an item of a distinct, enduring mestizaje.

On the other hand, the brand-new represents the lots of impacts and impulses from regional artists that appeared in more recent times and helped music produced in Latin America to rise on the worldwide stage, starting in the 20th century.

Inviting is Latin American music that some might assert individuals from this corner of the world are born having music on their feet and rhythm in their hearts.

If there is something that easily identifies any Spanish-speaking nation is their music; more particularly, their modern-day music genres, which stands apart as colorful, vibrant, and easy to dance to.

By old I am referring to the most common folk music, all established before completion of the 19th century everywhere in Latin America: joropo in Venezuela, milonga in Argentina, cueca in Chile, cumbia in Colombia, mariachi in Mexico, merengue in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean area, among lots of others.

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Having its most remote origins in three unique sources– the European, African, and Indigenous cultures–, the modern Spanish-speaking musical landscape provides a scrumptious mix of the old and new with catchy melodies and leisurely styles.

In that regard, I will be exploring more several of the most popular modern-day Latin American music genres in a brand-new series of blogs. You are happily welcomed to read them in the coming weeks